Marmalade- a health food?!

Did you know that marmalade is a health food? I am partial to the Thursday Cottage brand (they also make splendid lemon curd, which we call “Sunshine in a jar” at my house). There are numerous naturally occuring chemicals in citrus peels. For example, I learned from health coach Travis Burch that limonene supports theContinue reading “Marmalade- a health food?!”


Culina – a yummy probiotic drink

I found this tasty non-dairy kefir at my local Whole Foods Market. It is creamy and delicious and probably contains about 25 Billion Colony forming units of beneficial bacteria. Kefir tastes like strong yogurt. According to Dr. Natasha Cambell McBride, famous for creating the GAPS diet, kefir can help remedy bad body odors. What doContinue reading “Culina – a yummy probiotic drink”

Tim’s tasty ginger & peanut butter sauce

This is a great sauce over steamed vegetables, for a noodle salad, or as a satay sauce. Cashew butter or even sunbutter would probably be a fine substitute for the pb. 2 cloves garlic – microplane or shred 2 T fresh ginger – microplane or shred 1 T+ soy sauce 1 T+ lime juice 2Continue reading “Tim’s tasty ginger & peanut butter sauce”

Red Curry with Cauliflower & Red Pepper & Squash

So easy, creamy and so delicious with naan and/or rice. Adapted from, mostly based on the awesome  Little Spice Jar’s Butternut Squash Red Curry recipe. Ingredients 1 T oil or butter (we love avocado oil) 1/2 onion or 1 shallot 1 red bell pepper approx. 2 cups diced butternut squash (we used one bag frozen fromContinue reading “Red Curry with Cauliflower & Red Pepper & Squash”