Oyster Po Boys

We eat oysters as often as possible around here! How good are they are to eat? To learn more, see Alex Fergus’ compilation of info about oysters. But let me just say Minerals! (Zinc, selenium, copper, iodine, magnesium!) Vitamin B-12! and so many others. The copper is a really important one – needed for iron to be used properly in the body along with real vitamin A. Oysters are sustainable, delicious, affordable. Here is our recipe for oysters baked crispy in butter on a sandwich which we became familiar with while living in New Orleans many years ago… my preference for the coating is masa harina, (nixatamlized corn) one of the easiest to digest starches, eaten traditionally by people in Mexico. We paired the sandwich with REAL pickles, fermented for their trillions of beneficial bacteria. We have been trying all brands and flavors around here, this particular pickle came via my last Azure Standard order, and they are crunchy and garlic-y.


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