Fragrance free soap

I talk about this a lot – it is important to avoid artificial fragrances as much as possible. They are linked to all kinds of health issues, namely estrogen dominance because many are xenoestrogens, or estrogen mimicing substances in our bodies. This is not a problem only for women, men and even children can suffer from it as well. If using fragrance in bath, body and cleaning products, essential oils from citrus sources like lemon oil and orange oil tend to be ok (there is a big debate about lavender). We typically use fragrance free products in our home. This is one soap I like that is on sale at Vitacost right now. Use code TOM25.

Note that not all Tom’s products are “safe” – I just realized the kids toothpaste contains carrageenan, a seaweed derived substance that increases permeability of the gut lining (bad!) – more on that later.


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