Marmalade- a health food?!

Did you know that marmalade is a health food?

I am partial to the Thursday Cottage brand (they also make splendid lemon curd, which we call “Sunshine in a jar” at my house). There are numerous naturally occuring chemicals in citrus peels. For example, I learned from health coach Travis Burch that limonene supports the liver by helping the body get rid of fats from the blood stream and pectin helps absorbs toxins in the gut, like fiber. Naringenin in the peels is supportive of thyroid health. In addition, the bitter flavor helps signify the body to make bile. (Visit Travis Burch’s website for lots more info).

Do you like Marmalade? We got to watch it being made at the Green Briar Jam Kitchen last summer, it was a warm sunny day and it smelled heavenly.


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