Honey sesame granola

This is an old recipe that I’ve been using for many many years. I always used to bring it to moms when they come home with a new baby.

This is a perfect example of updating when new information is learned.

Back in the day when I used to make this a lot, I might have thought it’s necessary to cut down on the honey in there but now I know raw honey is really beneficial for health and I might even increase it for this recipe.

For the oil, 100% use coconut oil over any vegetable or canola oil. Regarding the cornflakes, I’m not the biggest fan of cereal with synthetic vitamins added, especially the form of folate and iron this is added. It’s pretty hard to find cornflakes without that, and a lot of people don’t do well with corn anyway so I’m thinking about substituting and all natural rice crispy type cereal instead, or even coconut shreds.


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