Favorite Mom/Baby items

There are SO MANY baby things out there to buy. So many are totally unnecessary, or you can find used at thrift stores, Facebook yard sale groups, Freecycle, consignment shops, etc. Some things you just have to splurge on and you’ll find its worth it!

These are some of the essentials I have loved:



Skip hop diaper changing kit – throw into any bag to make it into a diaper bag. One pocket for diapers, another for wipes, another for hand sanitizer & plastic bags. Supposed to hand wash but I have had luck machine washing mine and hang drying. These are fairly easy to find used at consignment stores.


Nose Frida – for when baby has a stuffed up nose. Works like a charm!

Ergo Baby Carrier – I love baby wearing and have tried them all (almost).. this is by far the easiest & most comfortable one from about 4 – 12 mo. Love the f1452ront or back carry. The original version is good – no need for front facing carry.. you can just use a Baby Bjorn forthat which are very easy to find used. Baby Bjorn hurts my back if using for more than just a trip around the grocery store or anything. Ergo is easy for dad to wear too. I found the infant insert a little cumbersome.. Loved the Moby wrap for the early mobyw-ol-natural-900months. I got my Ergo on Ebay. Moby wraps are fairly easy to find used by the way.




Nursing Tank Top from Target – these are the best for keeping you warm and covered while nursing anywhere!

Arms Reach Co-sleeper – I have a mini and regular size, they are both great. Regular becomes a pack n play and you can used pack n play sheets for it. With the mini you can used king sized pillowcases as sheets. This is an item that is easy to find used but not easy to wash and gets a lot of drool, milk on it so honestly something I consider good to buy new.

Pumpin Pals flanges for pumping. I got a pair on amazon – ordered same size as the Medela flanges. These are more comfortable and allow you to lay back and rest on couch or whatever while pumping.



Barin Toys wooden teether  – nice wooden teether, recommended by my friend Chenine.


lf_sippy_oceangreenpack_right_matte_290_370We LOVE the Lifefactory baby bottles with sippy cap tops. Really an awesome, durable product that you can get a ton of use out of. These are not easy to find at a cheap price or used! Believe me, I have tried!

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