Products I like


Jigsaw Health Magnesium glycinate is an awesome magnesium supplement, I take it at night, very relaxing. Most people need magnesium because our soil is depleted of nutrients and our stress levels are so high that we deplete it quickly. It works together with vitamin D and many many processes in the body… this is one of the most absorbable types of magnesium and will not cause any digestive upset like magnesium citrate or magnesium oxide (which are used for laxative purposes).

Their adrenal cocktail mix to add into juice is also very good stuff – for a potassium boost !

Joovv Mini 3.0 with Mini StandJoovv red light therapy! So relaxing. If that is out of your price range, this simple red light (heat lamp) is one of my son’s favorite things these days! We have a very simple set up – use it with this clamp.


Flore by Sunbiotics – We live in the future! This is a customized probiotic supplement made after analyzing a persons microbiome! So very cool and I am so excited to try it.


PB8 and the Klaire Labs Synbiotic is one of the probiotics I am currently taking.


I am a huge fan of Tropical Traditions soaps. We avoid all artificial fragrances in cleaning and other products in my home to avoid xenostrogens. This is a fragrance free soap that is very simple to buy in bulk.

On that topic, we like Tom’s of Maine fragrance free soap and seventh generation or 365 fragrance free dish soap, and Charlie’s soap for laundry.


Naturelo multi-vitamin – this is the one I take daily. 


Contigo autoseal – best waterbottle for kids and grown ups! Does not leak!


preggie pops



Preggie Pop Drops – these saved me so many times in the first trimester when I felt queasy! Actual green apples help too.



Fem-Dophilus Probiotics – So important for many reasons. When baby is born, he/she is colonized with healthy bacteria from mother’s birth canal. Taking probiotics, especially this formulation ensures healthy balance of flora. Especially important if mom has to take antibiotics for any reason before/during pregnancy. Also good to take 1-2 capsules per day starting at about week 32 to prepare for Group B Strep test (usually at 36 weeks pregnancy).


Naturacare panty liners – I love this brand. Non-toxic. Useful at end of pregnancy. I order from Thrive Market autoship.



Traditional Medicinals Teas Red raspberry leaf tea or pregnancy tea that contains red raspberry leaf – supposed to be good for toning the uterus. They taste like mild herbal teas.


Heartburn Tea by Earth Mama Angel Baby – helps me about 50% of the time during 3rd trimester when heartburn strikes.


Nose Frida – for when baby has a stuffed up nose. Works like a charm!

Pumpin Pals flanges for pumping. I got a pair on amazon – ordered same size as the Medela flanges. These are more comfortable and allow you to lay back and rest on couch or whatever while pumping.


Barin Toys wooden teether  – nice wooden teether, recommended by my friend Chenine.


We LOVE the Lifefactory baby bottles with sippy cap tops. Really an awesome, durable product that you can get a ton of use out of. These are not easy to find at a cheap price or used! Believe me, I have tried!


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