Pregnancy Resources

My favorite ‘products during pregnancy’ – this list is a reminder to me for the next time I am pregnant more than anything else!

Prenatal vitamins! So many to choose from.  Whichever you choose, try to start taking 3 months before pregnancy, continue though 1st trimester if you can stomach them and throughout lactation.  I used to prenatal petitesrecommend Rainbow light petites and New Chapter new chapterOrganics Perfect Prenatal vitamins  because they contain a lot of ‘good stuff’ beyondVitafusion just the vitamins & minerals, like red raspberry leaf extract, sprirulina, probiotics. I also used to love the Vitafusion prenatal gummy vitamins which taste like candy and are especially good in the beginning of pregnancy when the most important vitamin is folate. The amount of DHA is very small- need more than this (see Nordic Naturals below).

I recently read up on folate and now recommend a prenatal vitamin ththorneat contains folate, not folic acid.  My favorite is made by a company called Thorne Research, it is very high quality.




preggie pops

Preggie Pop Drops – these saved me so many times in the first trimester when I thought I was going to barf!

vitron c

Vitron C iron supplements – for low hematocrit, to build iron. Take 3 pills once per day on an empty stomach. I like these except for the food coloring (carmine) added, I wish they made iron supplements without food coloring! (check website for coupons)


Floradix iron supplement – for those lucky women who do not have low hematocrit, just need to maintain iron levels during pregnancy. Start taking at 20 weeks.

nordic nat

Nordic Naturals Prenatal DHA supplement – take on days don’t eat ocean fish. Take about 500 mg DHA/day. Most important during 3rd trimester but lots of data out there that helps women with predisposition to depression  at all times in life, helps during postpartum period.


Fem-Dophilus Probiotics – So important for many reasons. When baby is born, he/she is colonized with healthy bacteria from mother’s birth canal. Taking probiotics, especially this formulation ensures healthy balance of flora. Especially important if mom has to take antibiotics for any reason before/during pregnancy. Also good to take 1-2 capsules per day starting at about week 32 to prepare for Group B Strep test (usually at 36 weeks pregnancy).


Naturacare panty liners – I love this brand. Non-toxic. Useful at end of pregnancy.


Traditional Medicinals Teas Red raspberry leaf tea or pregnancy tea that contains red raspberry leaf – supposed to be good for toning the uterus. They taste like mild herbal teas.

Evening Primrose Oil – start taking 1,000 mg twice a day at 36 weeks pregnant.

Heartburn Tea by Earth Mama Angel Baby – helps me about 50% of the time during 3rd trimester when heartburn strikes.



Drinking Almond Breeze unsweetened almond milk (from the refrigerated section not shelf stable, they taste very different) also seems to help with heartburn. In the second half of pregnancy when need 4 servings of high calcium foods per day, I prefer drinking this unsweetened almond milk to cows milk because of the stuffyness factor.

whey protein powder

Defense Nutrition Whey Protein Powder – I like this protein powder made from organic raw milk. During the second half of pregnancy, when need A LOT of protein, it is great for smoothies when can’t think of anything else to eat! Recommended by Stacey of The Healthy Beet.


Ruths Hemp Protein Powder – this protein powder is an aquired taste. Once you get used to  it, its great in a smoothie with frozen pineapple & banana, OJ and almond milk !  Also recommended by Stacey of The Healthy Beet.

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