On our short trip to Maine in January we stayed at an Air BnB called “Mountain Tree House” which makes kombucha – we found some for sale at the store in town.

I loved the mural at Whole Foods Market in Portsmouth on the way.


Meat stock and Bone Broth

I make my own broths and stocks almost every week now. I learned a lot about their healing benefits from the GAPS diet books, which are treasure troves of information. There is a difference between bone broth and meat stock- bone broth can be too strong/ stimulating for some gut issues. For a comprehensive guide on meat stocks check out the really awesome Regenerative Cooking School’s meat stock guide.

There are so many reasons to eat these traditional foods – they provide healing amino acids for the gut, helps our immune systems and joints as well. As a protein source, the balance of amino acids in gelatin and collagen (in broth) is supportive of the thyroid, especially compared to eating protein from muscle meat.

The broths I make are typically with oxtail (see video below- so gelatinous!) or chicken parts, I like to mix a bunch of different parts. These stocks are great for sipping or cooking into other recipes like making a pot of rice or as the base for a roasted carrot soup. I buy the meats from US Wellness Meats, Azure Standard, Whole Foods Market or my local butcher shop MF Dulock.

When I can’t make broth I try to buy a high quality one that is as fresh as possible, in glass not plastic, from a local farm or restaurant. Although I will use the boxed ones in a pinch, from Costco for example, I have yet to find a store bought one that is as good as home made. I have heard good things about Om broth and Fond Bone Broth is also on my list to try, which I just heard about from Diana Rogers in her weekly newsletter – lots of great tips in there and a 20% off coupon this week for that Fond Broth if you sign up for her newsletter.