Honey sesame granola

This is an old recipe that I’ve been using for many many years. I always used to bring it to moms when they come home with a new baby.

This is a perfect example of updating when new information is learned.

Back in the day when I used to make this a lot, I might have thought it’s necessary to cut down on the honey in there but now I know raw honey is really beneficial for health and I might even increase it for this recipe.

For the oil, 100% use coconut oil over any vegetable or canola oil. Regarding the cornflakes, I’m not the biggest fan of cereal with synthetic vitamins added, especially the form of folate and iron this is added. It’s pretty hard to find cornflakes without that, and a lot of people don’t do well with corn anyway so I’m thinking about substituting and all natural rice crispy type cereal instead, or even coconut shreds.


I’m lucky enough to work here in this field everyday! Being surrounded by beauty & nature is good for health, not to mention digging in the soil! Did you know touching soil provides your body with probiotics and energy?! No wonder it feels so good.

You may notice a theme around here. I’m really into the microbiome, gut health, the intersection between human health and the environment, bees and flowers. If you think about it, all these things are related!

These are some of my favorite drinks these days. Coconut water is such a good source of minerals – potassium, magnesium, iron. I find it so refreshing. “They” say if it tastes good to you, you probably need it. 

This kefir is so yummy. It’s my favorite these days. Probiotics from food, as opposed to supplements provide trillions of probiotics per bite! Real food is where it’s at baby. This product contains pectin. A lot of people try to avoid any fillers in their dairy products. Some fillers are better than others. I actually like pectin there, it is supportive of gut and liver health. Similarly the “gums” like xantham and guar are actually providing substrate for good bacteria to grow on. They can help the good bacteria flourish. The filler I always avoid is carrageenan however which has been shown to damage the gut lining.