Serve with plain Greek yogurt, chopped cucumber, flatbread (sourdough), and oranges


You may notice a theme around here. I’m really into the microbiome, gut health, the intersection between human health and the environment, bees and flowers. If you think about it, all these things are related!

These are some of my favorite drinks these days. Coconut water is such a good source of minerals – potassium, magnesium, iron. I find it so refreshing. “They” say if it tastes good to you, you probably need it. 

This kefir is so yummy. It’s my favorite these days. Probiotics from food, as opposed to supplements provide trillions of probiotics per bite! Real food is where it’s at baby. This product contains pectin. A lot of people try to avoid any fillers in their dairy products. Some fillers are better than others. I actually like pectin there, it is supportive of gut and liver health. Similarly the “gums” like xantham and guar are actually providing substrate for good bacteria to grow on. They can help the good bacteria flourish. The filler I always avoid is carrageenan however which has been shown to damage the gut lining.

On our short trip to Maine in January we stayed at an Air BnB called “Mountain Tree House” which makes kombucha – we found some for sale at the store in town.

I loved the mural at Whole Foods Market in Portsmouth on the way.